Monday, July 28, 2014

Lunasol 2014 Autumn Collection

Kanebo Lunasol's 2014 Autumn Collection is set around a Baroque theme.

This autumn collection is quite extensive with the following:

A) 5 [Limited Edition] eyeshadow duos called Dual Contrasting Eyes (retail price before tax 3500 yen)
- EX01 Icy Gray
- EX02 Tender Brown
- EX03 Warm Pink
- EX04 Modern Olive
- EX05 Chic Bordeaux

B) Eyeliner (retail price before tax 2500 yen)
- 01 Nuance Black
- 02 Deep Brown

 C) 2 eyeshadow quads called Grace Contrasting Eyes (retail price before tax 5000 yen)
- 01 Antique Gold
- 02 Romantic Pink

D) Day Treatment Eye Essence (10g) (retail price before tax 3500 yen)

E) Creamy Matte [Limited Edition] Crayon Lips (retail price before tax 2500 yen)
- EX01 Brown Red
- EX02 Dark Red
- EX03 Smokey Beige
- EX04 Rose Beige

F) Glamour Lips (retail price before tax 3000 yen)
- #29 Pure Red
- #30 Smokey Rose
- #31 Mauve Pink
- #32 Light Smokey Beige

G) Soft Contrasting [Limited Edition] Cheeks (retail price before tax 3500 yen)
- EX01 Soft Coral
- EX02 Soft Pink

H) Nail polish [Limited Edition] (retail price before tax 1500 yen)
- EX31 Grayish Blue
- EX32 Tender Pink
- EX33 Smokey Bordeaux

The Lunasol 2014 Autumn Collection will be stocked for sale on 22 August 2014.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swatches - Canmake Cream Cheek CL05 & CL06, Love Switch eyeliners and Canmake Just For Me Essence Rouge

I love drugstores and never fail to visit them whenever I go on holiday overseas (we will proceed to ignore the copious amount of swatching and visits I do at drugstores in Singapore).

I managed to swatch these at the drugstore when I was in Kansai.

Canmake has recently (according to a Japanese beauty magazine I have) launched a new shade in Japan - CL06. CL06 is named Clear Peach Sugar whereas CL05 is named Clear Happiness. Personally for my NC25-30 arm, both these colors look washed out but would look great on someone fairer than me. 

I could never resist colored eyeliners and these Love Switch eyeliners were super smooth to apply. I personally find the Indigo Black shade nothing out of the ordinary but the Olive Black shade had a beautiful dark green, is-it-there-isn't-it-there hue to the black. Despite the 'pearl' indication on the display, these eyeliners did not have noticable glitter particles.

Canmake's Creamy Touch Rouge in 03 Sweet Cherry worked so well for me, I thought of purchasing some lipsticks from the Canmake Just for Me Essence Rouge series. To date, there have been 4 shades released - C01 Natural Beige, C02 Camel Beige, C03 Brilliant Red and C04 Pink Coral. 

The pigmentation and colors were good - in this picture the testers were a little gummy but another swatching run at another drugstore showed smooth, glide-on textures. However, I really hated the packaging and forewent (?) purchasing C03. 

All pictures were taken either inside the drugstore with store lighting or outside of the store but inside the subway station without flash.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kanebo Media Creamy Lasting Lip A - swatches in real life

At the drugstore which I patronised in the Namba area in Osaka, they had a entire display of Kanebo Media products. Including the Kanebo Media Creamy Lasting Lip A. So naturally, I swatched. And bought a few. 

Pictures are taken under white fluorescent lighting within the store.

The official website for these lipsticks can be found here

Disclaimer: I received no payment or payment in kind for writing this blog post. Any opinions expressed are my own.